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  1. Sep 12,  · 1) "United Kingdom" 2) "United States" For autocompletion, we need a sorted set that includes the letters that someone would type. We also need a character to show that we’ve reached the end of the phrase. I’m going to use %. redis> zadd mylist2 0 "United States%" (integer) 1 redis> zadd mylist2 0 "United State" (integer) 1.
  2. Part 1 Issued November PHC U.S. Department of Commerce Donald L. Evans, PHC, United States Washington, DC, For sale by Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office at the top for the desired type of geographic area. Figure I–1 is an example of a table finding guide. The table finding guide.
  3. "Part 1", also known as "The Return, Part 1", is the first episode of the third season of the TV series Twin Peaks. It was written by Mark Frost and David Lynch, directed by Lynch, and stars Kyle MacLachlan. "Part 1" was broadcast on Showtime along with Part 2 on May 21, , and seen by an audience of , viewers in the United States. In addition, the two episodes were shown as a feature.

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