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  1. May 27,  · When your head hits the pillow, you probably don't expect to have dreams about someone cutting your hair. But, as it turns out, it's not all that uncommon. After consulting numerous dream dictionaries, GQ reported what these hair-related dreams seem to mean, and, apparently, they have nothing to do with wanting to change up your look.
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  3. Aug 19,  · “Don’t Sell Your Dreams” John Lennon Wall, Prague. This profound statement holds so much power and is incredibly relevant to how I felt for the longest time. When I read this I knew that what did was right, everything lined up, what I needed was to not give up. No price will be high enough to turn me away from my dreams.
  4. We don’t sell lipsticks. We sell dreams. Charles Revson Perfume is made in the factory, ‘hope’ is sold in the store. Charles Revson In terms of marketing you’ve got to have the will to win. Charles Revson Why am I the only one who thinks around here? Charles Revson.
  5. Don't Let Your Dreams Go Past Their Sell By Date. STOP! Do YOU worry that life is passing you by and you'll never be able to do all those things you dream of? We all have dreams. They can be small, like going camping or huge, like climbing Mount Everest, walking to the North Pole, writing a book or running your own business. There is always an.
  6. Communicate your ideas persuasively; 3 laws of effective communication; Ideas that catch on are wrapped in story; The one thing you want your audience to know; Bring numbers to life; Sell dreams, not products; Expected Results: Participants will leave with proven and actionable strategies to sell any product, motivate any team, and grow any brand.
  7. I don't sell pot, I sell dreams. Also, I sell pot. Caleb Chandler. 11 Comments. jhevere reynolds July 21, This was beautiful! Anonymous November 27, cats r sexyy! Anonymous June 1, is this where I can get the penis mightier? Cassie January .
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