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  1. chez moi. at home (my house) le labo. the lab. le magasin. the store. la piscine. the pool. En ville. downtown. la mediathèque. the media center. Il est six heures et quart. It is Il est sept heures moins le quart. It is Il est neuf heures cinquante. It is à 16h at 4 p.m. à 0h
  2. House, home and local area - Writing. (eg: sept heures moins le quart/six heures trente) je préférerais rentrer chez moi - I would prefer to go home;.
  3. I should be leaving work around six o'clock tonight. Je devrais quitter le travail vers six heures ce soir. six o'clock, 6 o'clock n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (time: 6 A.M.) six heures (du matin) nfpl nom féminin pluriel: s'utilise avec l'article défini "les". Ex: "algues" (familier).
  4. Il est cinq heures et demi. It is You can also say, Il est cinq heures trente. On the other side of the half hour, you have cinq heures quarante () or, more commonly, six heures moins vingt, which translates literally to “six o’clock minus 20” but in colloquial English it’s “20 of 6” or “20 to 6.”.
  5. Jan 29,  · Il est six heures=it is six o'clock. Il est six heures du matin=it is six o'clock in the morning. Il est six heures du soir=it is six o'clock in the evening. Il est dix-huit heures=it is eighteen o'clock (this is in military time, it also means it is six o'clock at night).
  6. Define six oclock. six oclock synonyms, six oclock pronunciation, six oclock translation, English dictionary definition of six oclock. n. 1. The cardinal number equal to 5 + 1. 2. The sixth in a set or sequence. On the day before the wedding, the whole house was at sixes and sevens., six →.
  7. My senior year, his year to teach French at UNH between finishing his B.A. and starting his M.A. back in France. I guess it wasn't so easy coming to the U.S., let alone little Durham, for the first time as a lone French student. The happy-go-lucky, talkative French friend I had made a few months earlier was quiet over our shared dining hall.
  8. vers six heures. around six o'clock. Bon, on se retrouve à trois heures. OK, we'll meet at 3 pm. Rendez-vous chez moi à huit heures. We'll meet at my house at 8. entendu, d'accord. ok. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE Vocabulaire Anglais. pinhoklanguages. $ Fairy Tale Vocab.

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