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  1. Into the arms of sorrow Blindly descending Into the arms of sorrow There must be serenity There must be deliverance Deeper I'm falling Blindly descending Submit Corrections. Thanks to Shykeese Snipes for correcting these lyrics. Writer(s): Howard Jones, Joel Stroetzel, Justin Foley, Adam Dutkiewicz, Mike A. .
  2. Jul 28,  · KILLSWITCH ENGAGE 's video for the band's new single, "The Arms of Sorrow", has been posted online at YouTube. According to the casting call sheet, "this video revolves around a .
  3. Apr 06,  · With this confidence in my heart, I meditate on the First Sorrow, when Mary, Virgin Mother of my GOD, presented JESUS her only Son in the Temple, laid Him in the arms of holy and aged Simeon, and heard his prophetic word, “The sword of grief shall pierce thy soul,” foretelling thereby the Passion and Death of her Son JESUS.
  4. Read or print original Arms Of Sorrow lyrics updated! Imprisoned inside this mind / Hiding behind the empty smiles / So simple.
  5. The Virgin Showing the Man of Sorrows or Oil on oak panel, 27,4 x 19,9 cm National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne: This iconographical type, in which the Man of Sorrows (Christ displaying his wounds to the faithful) is supported by the Virgin, is not a common one.
  6. As it mocks me Crawling back into the dark Running, always running, into the distance Stop me before I bleed, again The echoes of my voice Follow me down The shadows I cast Follow me down (Deeper I'm falling) Into the arms of sorrow (Blindly descending) Into the arms of sorrow There must be serenity The echoes of my voice (The echoes of my voice) Follow me down The shadows I cast (The shadows.
  7. The album's second single, "The Arms of Sorrow", was released in , and peaked at number 30 on the Rock Songs Chart. A music video directed by Aggressive .
  8. This package features a DVD with all three videos from "Daylight Dies": "My Curse," "The Arms of Sorrow" and "Holy Diver." It also includes "making of" documentaries for "Curse" and "Sorrow" but not for "Holy Diver," which is too bad, because that video is by far the best of the three/5().

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