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  1. West Virginia Wildlife Management Area Maps Below are the most recently updated Wildlife Management Area maps. As additional maps are updated, they will be added to this list.
  2. West Virginia Geological and OEconomic Survey pub l i ca tons r ef- g. I m h sale of our publications pays for the printing of new publications, including this one. Our publications are printed without cost to West Virginia's taxpayers. P erm iso ntp du ch bl ag if acknowledgement is given to the West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey.
  3. Dec 03,  · I came across Thelonious Monk () early in my jazz education and began to track down his stuff. I loved the way he played piano, and based on his status as one of jazz's greatest artists, many others did. too. It took about three seconds to recognize Monk's playing, and you can't say that about many others.
  4. “ The trip up to Spruce Knob, West Virginia's high point is beautiful, going from forested mountain terrain to alpine meadows and flora. “ If you plan to visit, you must make sure to allow minutes to leasurely walk the 1/2 mile trail around the summit.
  5. Help! is the record on which the Beatles really started to investigate just how much they could get away with. The album was released 55 years ago this week, and it's the kick-off to our new "All.
  6. “ The people we shared a raft with pretty much had as much personality as a box of rocks, but the raft guide, Zack, was a great guy who has so much passion about the river, the wild, West Virginia.
  7. Sting paid his early dues playing bass with local outfits The Newcastle Big Band, The Phoenix Jazzmen, Earthrise and Last Exit, the latter of which featured his first efforts at song writing. Last Exit were big in the North East, but their jazz fusion was doomed to fail when punk rock exploded onto the music scene in .

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