8 thoughts on “ Capitalism Is Racism - Hard Money - Do It Yourself (Cassette) ”

  1. Nov 18,  · Throughout our history we have exploited various groups to extract their labor at low or no wages. We are angry about this situation and ultimately fear the number exploited will grow large enough to take over. We need to limit their power and this is how American racism was born and why it .
  2. Capitalism & Racism It is hard for most people to accept that racial prejudice and antagonism, pervasive phenomena of modern life, have not been permanent features of human society. Yet the very concept of "race," and the ideology and practice of racism are relatively modern.
  3. Just singling out capitalism as a topic to start on doesn't mean it encourages racism when Socialism and Communism do it much worse since having the people on top dictate those under them which also creates the point of having just one racist no matter the color .
  4. With these simple words, the great revolutionary martyr Malcolm X summed up a profound truth about the world we live in. Capitalism is a system based on inequality, exploitation, oppression, and discrimination. The working class makes up the vast majority, and it is we who create the wealth of society through our labor. But it is the small handful of capitalists that keep most of that wealth.
  5. Capitalism isn't intrinsically racist. However, where racism and capitalism coexist there will be a class of people with restricted access to capital, a condition which capitalism exacerbates. Racism was more or less invented to divide the working class and strengthen class rule, and this occurred in a capitalist .
  6. In capitalism, owners control the factors of production and derive their income from it. Capitalism incentivizes people to maximize the amount of money they earn through competition. Competition is the driving force of innovation as individuals create ways to accomplish tasks more efficiently.
  7. Apr 27,  · Capitalism’s supporters use and benefit from a racism whose practice and consequences should be blamed on capitalism itself. (Photo: Coffee / Pixabay; Edited: LW / TO) “Racism” is so often applied to US prison statistics and policing; to data on differences in employment, housing, wealth and income distributions, college enrollments, film awards, and so much more; and to .
  8. Jul 08,  · You can’t have capitalism without racism. And if you find a person without racism and you happen to get that person into conversation and they have a philosophy that makes you sure they don’t have this racism in their outlook, usually they’re socialists or their political Philosophy is socialism.”.

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