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  1. Turning Farm Workers Into Farmers In California, near immense industrial farms, small plots are rented out to field laborers so they can try to create their own farm businesses.
  2. Apr 06,  · Factory farms are an abomination, cruel to animals and a bad deal for humans, too. The sooner we abolish them, the better. Until then, we should take steps to reduce them. Advertisement.
  3. Aug 06,  · “Factory farm” is a term commonly used to describe an industrial facility that raises large numbers of farm animals such as pigs, chickens or cows in intensive confinement where their movements are extremely inhibited. Animals are kept in cages or crates, or are crowded together in pens.
  4. Aug 28,  · The reality, however, tells an opposite story about the effects of factory farming on animals—one that resembles a horror movie. Those products are body parts, fluids, and fetuses of conscious beings that had spent entire lives in animal concentration camps.. The word ‘captivity’ is way too mild to describe what the animals on those farms are going through.
  5. Jul 01,  · A factory farm is a large, industrial farm that raises huge numbers of animals for food. These farms focus on profit and efficiency over the well being of their animals. The result being horrible living conditions for the animals. A standard factory farm cows, pigs and chickens live in cramped and insanitary conditions.
  6. Oct 02,  · Factory farmingis defined as the extreme confinement of livestock for commercial use. This agricultural technique was invented by scientists in the s in an effort to maximize efficiency and production so that farms could manage a growing population and higher demand for meat.
  7. Factory farming is not just bad for farm animals. It’s dangerous, unfair and dirty, with impacts ranging from climate change to biodiversity loss and disease to food insecurity. Factory farming is too often viewed as the cheap, efficient solution to feeding our world. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.
  8. Dec 18,  · We see and hear the words “factory farm” everywhere on social media and in the news. Major brands paint “factory farms” as places that are uncaring and with little interaction between humans and animals. But you know what I see?
  9. Factory farming has a lot to do with scale. On a typical factory farm, the raising of livestock has taken on the characteristics of a typical industrial factory. Animals are raised in large numbers in small spaces to maximize yield. They are led through a “processing” system from birth through their end of life when they become food products.

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